Online Enrollment Tips & Tricks

Tips for a smooth and successful online registration

  • You can access online registration from a desktop computer or a mobile device, but you may find using a desktop computer a better experience.

  • If you use a ParentVUE account to log in, you will click the Registration Tab to begin the registration process or to resume an unfinished registration.

  • When asked to select the registration year, choose 2022-2023 for enrollment beginning next Fall, or select 2021-2022 to enroll your student for the current school year.

  • Information that is required is identified with a red *, you won't be able to Save/Continue unless you provide information in fields marked with a red *

  • The enrolling parent/guardian must enter at least one phone number and email address on the Parent/Guardian contact page.

  • On the Language Survey page for your student, to speed up entry, you can click on each dropdown box and then type the first few characters of the language to find the language in the dropdown list and then press your tab key to advance to the next field.

  • Documents Page Tips

    • Clicking on a form will present a message "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved". with a button to "Stay on Page" or "Leave Page" If you choose "Leave Page" the document will open in a new browser window where you can download the form to your device. To return to your online registration session, look for the browser window labeled "ParentVUE".

      • You can also download the Immunization Form and the Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation Form, fill them out and mail them to your child's school or scan them to your computer and upload the completed form on the online enrollment Documents page.

  • Your online registration is not complete until you complete each page and click the Review and Submit button.

  • Special tips for registering new Fall 2020 Kindergarten students:

    • If you have older children already attending school, use your ParentVUE account when enrolling your Kindergartener.

      • If you need help connecting your Kindergartener to your ParentVUE account, please send an email to and include the names and birthdates of your school aged children.

      • If you don't have a ParentVUE account, but your child has had a Pre-School screening, attended Otter Preschool, received Early Childhood Special Education services in Fergus Falls or has attended any ECFE classes, we can create a ParentVUE account for you. Please send an email to and include the names and birthdates of your school aged children.

    • On the Student Demographic page, be sure to select KF for the Entering Grade. If you don't select KF on this page, you will not see any schools later in the process.

    • On the School Selection page, choose McKinley Elementary for your Kindergarten student.

    • If the School Selection page does not list McKinley Elementary as an option, click on the Students button on the left and then click the Edit button for your child, on the next page, be sure the Entering Grade is KF. You will need to Save and Continue through the rest of the screens for the student.

Questions about Online Registration not answered here?

  • For help with problems logging in to ParentVUE, send an email to and include your name, the names of your children and their birthdates

  • If you want to talk to someone on the phone regarding online registration? Call you child's school office:

    • McKinley Elementary (Kindergarten) - 218.998.0544 ext. 9500

    • Adams Elementary (Grades 1 & 2) - 218.998.0544 ext. 9300

    • Cleveland Elementary (Grades 3 & 4) - 218.998.0544 ext. 9400

    • Kennedy Secondary School (Grades 5-12) - 218.998.0544 ext. 9646